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Press Review
  • 09
  • Sep
  • 2013
  • Unitech Europe introduces MS912 1D CCD and MS920 2D pocket sized imager

    ‧EN - Europe & Africa


    Since the upswing of the smartphones and mobile devices, portable scanning needs are constantly subject to adjustments within enterprise markets like retail, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, office automation, etc. Consumer grade smartphones and tablets are getting more and more integrated within the mobile enterprise but they can't meet the productivity and ergonomic requirements for enterprise barcode scanning.

    To anticipate and respond to the market trends and changes in consumer preferences Unitech therefore introduces not one but two great pocket sized barcode readers. We proudly introduce to you our MS912 1D CCD & MS920 2D pocket imager!

    Pocket sized
    There is no need to impractically move your mobile device or tablet for scanning barcodes. Just enlarge your working area with the MS912 or MS920 and turn them into your enterprise companion. These easy to use pocket scanners require no training to operate. Their one-button interface makes scanning really easy for any user. Providing outstanding performances the MS912 and MS920 are compatible with a various mobile devices, making it easy to pair with Windows, Android and Apple.

    MS912 1D CCD
    The MS912 series enables an enterprise to easily implement 1D scanning where traditional scanners are limited, such as size, mobility and even price. There is no need to impractically move your mobile device or tablet for scanning 1D barcodes. Just enlarge your working area with the Unitech MS912 and turn this scanner into your enterprise companion.

    The MS912M (memory version) provides additional support to store data in a buffer mode when your device goes out of range. Equipped with 2MB of memory, the MS912M allows users to complete their task without interruption and without losing any data. With a simple setting you can upload the data to the back-end system once your device gets back into range.

    MS920 2D imager
    The MS920 pocket 2D imager is Unitech's newest generation of wireless 2D barcode scanners in a pocket-size enclosure. Featured with a high performance engine and decoder this device offers the mobile enterprise scanning and transmitting 1D or 2D barcodes at the fullest. Its aggressive performance enables the capture of damaged, coloured, overlaid and poor quality barcodes. The MS920 supports standard buffer mode.

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