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Ordenador móvil - Android

Enterprise Digital Assistant

Go further than you ever could with a smartphone. The new PA726 rugged handheld computer can revolutionize the way you do business.  Featuring Android 7.1.2 for the most up-to-date Android experience, it combines the form factor of a 4G dual SIM card smartphone with the performance of an enterprise handheld computer. Stylish and intuitive along with an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner, the PA726 is a versatile data collection tool for every need in the enterprise solutions. Powerful Android 7.1.2 Platform  •  The First 4.7 inch Android 7.1.2 rugged mobile computer  •  Advanced 64-bit octa-core CPU (2GHz) with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM         •  2GB of ROM is completely independent partition that delivers  •  stable processes and flexible programs installation Sheer Durability  •  1.5M drop-resistant housing (1.8M rop-resistance with bumper)  •  IP65 (IP67 Optional) heavy-duty protection against water and dust  •  Rugged pogo-pin design protects the handheld from the wear and tear of frequent charging and docking. Advanced Touchscreen Technology  •  4.7 inch Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen with 7H hardness to keep it scratch free  •  The sunlight-readable screen facilitates outdoor use without draining the battery. Multiple Connectivity  •  Leading 4G dual SIM card enterprise handheld computer  •  Support WLAN : Dual Bands with fast roaming & WWAN: 2G/3G/4G LTE with full bands Superior Data Collection  •  Integrate 1D/2D barcode scanner with downwards scanning angle design  •  High resolution 16MP full HD rear camera and 5 MP front camera User-Friendly Functionality  •  Easy Hot-swap battery design without downtime  •  Support MDM Software Solutions and utilities such as Airwatch, SOTI, 12Management and MoboLink  

Rugged Mobile Computer

The PA730 is a 5” Android 7.1 handheld computer, rugged and built to last. Built on the fastest growing and most popular mobile platform, the PA730 is a powerful and versatile data collection tool ideal for warehousing, field service and retail applications. Superior Performance with large Vibrant Full HD Display The PA730 runs on the Android 7.1 operating system. This allows users to develop in an open source platform with thousands of enterprise grade applications. In addition, the PA730 includes an integrated an advanced 64-bit octa-core CPU plenty of power to support your business applications. The PA730 features a large 5” Full HD TFT-LCD color screen (1920 x 1080 (1080P) resolution) - view more of your work with comfortable readability. The fully illuminated and sunlight readable screen facilitates outdoor applications, while the thinner and stronger Gorilla Glass® III display yields greater touch sensitivity for an easy user experience. Battery design In order to be user-friendly, this device features an hot-swappable design battery. Hot swappable battery ensure continuous operation on your PA730 (within 0.5 hour) when the battery is being replaced. The PA730 comes with a 4000mAh or 5920mAh battery - special designed meeting requirements for standard or extensive working hour (>10hrs) requirements. Versatile Data Collection The PA730 Android handheld computer has an high-end integrated 2D barcode scanner that is both aggressive and accurate - able to read barcodes from the screen of mobile devices. Equipped with a 5MP front and 16MP rear camera with phase detection autofocus and LED flash, this device is ideal for capturing digital evidence for proof-of-delivery. Blazing-fast 4G LTE and WiFi network Designed to be used in the work environment, PA730 offers blazing-fast 4G LTE network (Dual LTE antenna and Verizon Certified) for the best connectivity and global deployment. It supports dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/r and fast roaming, which enables users to roam seamless among different access points without interruption - Ideal for warehouse and VOIP application. Moreover, the PA730 also supports GPS, NFC and Bluetooth (4.2). Heavy duty protection Broken screens and expensive repairs add up very quickly. The PA730 is built to withstand the wear and tear associated with any enterprise, all while maintaining the stylish look of consumer-grade smart phones. The PA730 is sealed against dust and protected against water spills and moisture, ensuring a long product lifetime with its IP65 & IP67 rating.It has been tested thoroughly: it withstands extensive vibrations and performs reliably in extreme temperatures. Engineered with industrial grade materials and enhanced with a Corning® Gorilla Glass® screen III to keep it scratch free, the PA730 is rugged enough to drop from 1.8 meters onto concrete. Investing in a rugged Android handheld device like the PA730 means a lower total cost of ownership in the long run. Main features •Unparalleled performance with 64-bit octa-core processor •Large 5” Full HD display, 1920 x 1080 (1080P) resolution •Integrated superior 2D barcode imager, NFC reader and 16MP CMOS color camera with phase detection autofocus •Hot-swappable battery design (comes with a 4000mAh or 5920mAh battery). •Supports Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/r fast roaming communication. •1.8M drop-resistant housing and dual IP65 & IP67 rated. •Device supported versatile systems: SOTI, 12Manage,  Airwatch, StageGo, 12Solution , and TeamViewer.

EA500 | Rugged Smartphone (Android)

The Unitech EA500 (Android) is a rugged 5” mobile enterprise computer combining strong features with powerful data collection. The EA500 provides convenient connectivity, reading capabilities and enhances the service level for a variety of vertical applications within the retail, hospitality, and field service sectors. Feature Powerful Data Collection Equipped with an 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor and running on the Android 7.1 operating system, this device is suitable for data-intensive applications in highly mobile environments. Mobile workers can easily accelerate their workflow as this device is equipped with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM and supports an additional microSD / TF expansion (up to 32GB storage capacity). • • • All-In-One Functionality The EA500 offers an integrated 2D scanning capability, as well as an integrated HF/NFC RFID reader/writer, GPS, and a high resolution 8.0 MP camera. Holding a 3800 mAh removable battery, the EA500 provides continuous usage time without needing to worry about running out of power. This device offers everything you’ll need. Enjoy the fastest data speeds out there with the integrated Bluetooth® 4.2  Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi and 3G / 4G LTE connectivity. This device is truly an excellent mobility device and offers improvement of job efficiency at a competitive price. • • • Rugged Design IP67-rated against water and dust and capable of withstanding multiple 5-foot drops to concrete, makes the EA500 a rugged device. Equipping it with a POGO PIN (for quick and non-intrusive charging) prolongs its life span and durability. • • • Summary • All-in-one box; EA500 comes with USB cable and power supply • All-in-one function: 2D Imager, HF/NFC and 8MP Camera • Industrial grade: 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor with Android 7.1 OS • Suitable for any mobile worker: 3G / 4G LTE, Dual-Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth® 4.2 • Rechargeable 3800mAh battery • 5” HD display. Ultra sensitive capacitive touch screen (compatible with gloves and supports wet resistance) • Rugged: Corning® Gorilla Glass® 3, IP67 rated and 5-foot drop specification • Dual Scanning Buttons (left and right side) and programmable key • Device supported versatile: SOTI, 12Manage and MoboLink • Warranty: 1 year (function(w,d,u,b){w['Bitrix24FormObject']=b;w[b] = w[b] || function(){arguments[0].ref=u; (w[b].forms=w[b].forms||[]).push(arguments[0])}; if(w[b]['forms']) return; s=d.createElement('script');r=1*new Date();s.async=1;s.src=u+'?'+r; h=d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];h.parentNode.insertBefore(s,h); })(window,document,'','b24form'); b24form({"id":"10","lang":"en","sec":"wda2gl","type":"button","click":""}); function OpenPopupWindow() { var url = ""; myRef = ,'mywin','left=20,top=20,width=500,height=500,toolbar=1,resizable=0'); myRef.focus() }

4" Android Computer with Keypad

The Unitech EA300 (Android 5.1) is a rugged 4” mobile enterprise computer combining wireless communication and performance to provide powerful data collection. The EA300 offers a host of data collection options to enhance the service level for a variety of vertical applications such as retail, inventory management, asset tracking, light warehousing.   Combining touch screen and keypad. The 4” EA300 features a keypad, 2D imager, 4G LTE, Dual-band WiFi and comes standard with charging cradle, hand-strap, battery, power adapter and USB-cable! Powerful Android terminal data entry and collection The EA300 is designed with “intensive data entry a data collection” in mind. This device has a 4” TFT-LCD HD touch screen and features an integrated 17-key keypad (incl. alpha/numeric, scan keys and special characters) as well as dual scanning buttons (left and right side) for convenient barcode capturing. In addition the EA300 offers an integrated 2D imager, GPS, 5.0 MP camera, HF/NFC RFID reader/writer to complete your data collection requirements. This device offers everything you’ll need. All-in-one Functionality Equipped with an 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor and running on the Android 5.1 operating system, making this device suitable for data-intensive applications in highly mobile environments. Mobile workers can easily accelerate their workflow as this device is equipped with a 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM and supports an additional microSD expansion (up to 32GB storage capacity). Holding a 3800mAh removable battery the EA300 provides continuous usage time without needing to worry about running out of juice. Enjoy the fastest data speeds out there with the integrated Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity. This device is truly an excellent mobility device and offers job improvement and efficiency at a competitive price! Rugged design Capable to withstand multiple 1.5m drops to concrete and IP65 rated against water and dust, makes this EA300 a rugged device. Equipped with a POGO PIN (for quick and non-intrusive charging) it will prolong life span and durability. Main features • All-in-one box; EA300 comes with USB cradle and power supply. • All-in-one function: Keypad, 2D Imager, HF/NFC and 5MP Camera. • Industrial grade: 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor with Android 5.1 OS • Suitable for any mobile worker: 4G / LTE, Dual-Band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, GPS • Rechargeable and swappable 3800mAh battery. • 4” HD display touch screen and 17-key keypad. • Rugged: Gorilla Glass 3, IP65 rated and 1.5m drop specification. • Dual Scanning Buttons (left and right side) and scanning button on keypad. • Device supported versatile: SOTI, 12Manage. • Optional additional UnitCare 2.0 coverage available. STAY TUNED:     More info or special questions/requests? > Contact Unitech Europe by e-mail Twitter @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Europe Territory Manager contact me! Facebook @UnitechEurope > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292 Youtube @UnitechEurope